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The first step is to meet the doctors.  We’ll review your history and explain some options.  Then we can present a customized treatment plan and payment options.




At this appointment you will meet some of our orthodontic assistants who will gather your initial treatment records including photographs, x-rays, and dental impressions. Dental Impressions are 3D imprints of your teeth made from a soft material. This material comes in over 40 flavors including bubblegum and cotton candy. Our in-house lab immediately processes your 3D model to create a treatment plan that’s perfect for you.



Spacers are small round elastics that are gently placed between your molars to prepare your teeth for bands.  Our orthodontic assistants are skilled and friendly and will make the experience a simple one.


Usually, a total of eight spacers are placed between your molars. Sometimes you may need a few more or even a few less. These spacers stay in your mouth for about a week.




Today, you get your braces!!!  Relax, it’s easy. No needles.  We’ll use glues and cements. First, we remove the spacers and slip bands on your first molars. Then we attach them with cement.  Then we place each of your braces with special glue. We choose the most effective wire size  and you choose the colors to hold the wire in place. There are lots of colors and some even glow in the dark. Lots of our patients change colors every visit (4 to 6 weeks).  When you’re done, we’ll give you supplies and instructions to take care of your teeth.



Time to choose new band colors!  Monthly check ups will help us determine how your treatment is going.  We’ll talk to you about things like oral hygiene and how things you eat affect your braces. We’ll make sure there are no broken brackets and also make sure you’re wearing your elastics correctly. If you’re playing sports we can provide you with an orthodontic mouthguard.  Whatever the question or concern, we’ll have an answer for you.



How will you know when it’s time for your braces to come off?  Don’t worry, we’ll let you know.  When that time comes, we’ll remove your brackets and bands.  We’ll take a picture of how great your smile looks and take your final records – this includes taking an impression for your retainer (you can choose the color).




At this appointment, we’ll give you your custom retainer and show you how to wear it and take care of it (don’t lose it!). It’s important to follow these instructions for a long-lasting smile.  We can also make custom retainers with you name, school, favorite colors and more!  These professional retainers are great for athletes of all types!




This may sound like common sense, but if you don’t bring your retainer, we can’t check it.  These follow up appointments are usually scheduled at 1 month, 6 months and 12 months. We may adjust the fit, clean your retainers, or fabricate a new retainer if needed. We can also check your oral hygiene, possible decay or potential need for third molars (wisdom teeth) extraction. We pride ourselves in accommodating long-term follow-up appointments for all our patients!


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