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Are you looking for the perfect smile?



Because every smile is different, you may be presented with different treatment options:



Phase One treatment is typically geared toward children between the ages of 7 and 10 and lasts about 12 months. The goal is to “head off” serious problems with early intervention. Some of these problems include reverse/cross-bites, dental crowding, poor dental arch development, severe dental protrusion or over-bites.  After Phase One, children are given a “resting period” to allow teeth to adjust on their own. Some children may need full braces even after Phase One treatment.



Phase two is typically geared toward adolescents, teens and adults who have most of their adult teeth. This treatment requires about 24 months for all of the adult teeth to be aligned for an ideal bite and a smile that looks great.  Some of the issues that may require Phase Two treatment include reverse or cross-bites, over bites, rotations, dental crowding, missing permanent teeth, or poor dental arch development.


Your braces may be silver or clear or you may choose clear orthodontic aligners (e.g. Clear Correct). You may be required to wear elastics in varying patterns.

If Phase Two follows Phase One, your treatment time can be significantly shorter. Phase Two will require retainers and follow up visits after completion.



If your not sure if your child is ready for braces, we’ll conduct a full evaluation to help you decide. If orthodontics are required in the future, we’ll put your child on a recall list and contact you when we feel your child is ready.



Sometimes braces are not required or you simply aren’t a good candidate for orthodontics. We can help you find alternative treatment options that may involve a cosmetic dentist or oral surgeon.


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