Dr. Penny Mericle

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Are you looking for the perfect smile?



Here at the brace place, we go above and beyond to accommodate our clients to the best of our abilities.


We ask that if you cannot make an appointment, to let us know in advance and we will happily reschedule you at the earliest convenience.


We appreciate your promptness, but also understand your busy schedule. If you can’t make your appointment, just give us a call and we can reschedule at a more convenient time.  We expect you to maintain good hygiene, so we offer a tooth brushing station to use prior to your appointment.


We also offer a comprehensive hygiene kit at your first appointment in hopes that you will continue using it throughout treatment.


School excuses will be provided when you come in for an appointment.


All necessary paperwork will be mailed to you prior to your initial consultation.

Please bring your completed forms with you to your first visit.



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